ARA Avanti Rx Analytics

Formulation Services

ARA – Avanti Rx Analytics specializes in chemical mixing, blending of various types of cannabinoid oils for the medicinal marihuana market.

Our on-site laboratory is capable of handling analytical testing, compatibility testing, and accelerated and real-time stability testing. We are ready to handle any complex project need.

We offer:

  • Formulation development according to the customer’s brief, and provide a creative support and solutions adapted to customer’s needs
  • Solutions to problematic formula
  • Support in the scale-up step
  • Stability studies and dosage of active ingredients in formula
  • Formulation of finished products from a full R&D active ingredient discovery to the final product ready to enter the market

ARA Benefits

  • Scientific, regulatory, and product development expertise
  • Proprietary technologies to enhance product performance and extend the product lifecycle
  • Critical mass of facilities and personnel to customize your project according to specific requirements
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Personalized project management from development to market