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We offer advanced....

Supercritical CO2, Organic Solvents, and n-Butane extraction

ARA strives to raise the standards for marihuana concentrates by adhering to the Health Canada and FDA pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure product safety, quality, and Efficacy.

Cannabis concentrates, commonly referred to as cannabis extracts, are significantly more potent than the standard cannabis buds. Their applications as medicine have proven to be effective for patients suffering from all sorts of ailments. When made properly, a cannabis concentrate is reminiscent of the cannabis strain it was extracted from; the smell, taste, and effects are simply magnified due to a larger concentration by weight.

We are proud to offer our cannabis extraction services to the LPs and those organization or individuals who are qualified under the Health Canada ACMPR regulation.

Our extraction and processing environmentally controlled and sanitized clean rooms are constructed from laboratory-grade materials and surfaces, and strict cleanliness protocols are enforced to avoid any potential contamination or cross contamination from outside environments. Each room is also protected and monitored by a fully compliant, security system.

By utilizing our proprietary processing methods established in-house we skillfully produce high yield and high quality refined extracts whilst, preserving terpene profiles without losing any flavor experience and any medicinal effects that the original cannabis plant offers.

Our extraction processes begins with an investment in the most technologically advanced commercial-grade equipment and instrumentations which include; supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction system, commercial scale solvent extractor reactors, large scale distillation and fractionation apparatus, and industrial n-butane extraction reactor.

Cannabis Waste Denaturing and Disposal

Cannabis is a controlled substance so it must be transported, received, tracked, stored, and disposed in accordance with Health Canada guidelines for controlled drugs and substances. Here at ARA we have procedures and security in place to comply with these guidelines.

We offer cannabis waste management services using acid and base denaturizing processes to ensure your cannabis waste trims are safely disposed.

Our preferred process for disposal of controlled drugs is to request client authorized return of excess post-testing sample through chain of signature courier to the client for inclusion in their disposal process.